Hi curious onlooker!

I am Vijay, a graduate student studying Film and Animation at Rochester Institute of Technology. I am also fortunate to be teaching in the same school I am studying. It’s a great opportunity for me to live both sides of the campus life at the same time.

I am a character rigger/TD who loves to bring characters to life. And this is a multi step process that involves character designs, modeling, texturing, animation and rigging among others. It’s a complete package that makes the final result appealing.

Prior to my recent career in animation, I worked as an automotive engineer, designing transmission systems in cars for Robert Bosch, GmBH with a strong emphasis on programming. I completed my undergraduate degree in Electronics and Communication and worked in the same domain for two years before deciding to come to RIT for my masters in film and animation.

When I am not animating, I love to play games. I also loves solving puzzles or completing jigsaw puzzles with my lovely wife, Smitha. On a lazy day, you can find the two of us on the couch watching movies/episodes on Netflix.

What you will find in this blog:
I usually write about interesting stuff I learnt/saw/experimented to let the world know me as an artist and who I am.
You can click on any of the tabs to read specific topics.


My latest reel:

Rigging Reel 2013

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