Unlucky – 3d animated film

My second short film. This one was a first in 3d though.
it posed so many challenges. It was great to do all this in just 20 weeks.
My biggest hurdle was the story. I knew the concept. It was to be a janitor who had a lot of trouble because of a light bulb.
In every version of my script the story was extremely long. I spent the first 10 weeks trying to polish the story.

I gave up at the end of 10 weeks and started production 🙂

I wanted to model a lot, but in the interest of time, decided to keep my props very simple, and texturing very simple.
I was also going to use a downloaded rig. So, I decided to focus only on animation. And since the story involved light bulbs, I had to do some interesting lighting.

It was a first of everything for me.
figuring out the pipeline, lighting, rendering issues, annoying flickers in renders, maya crashes, sleepless nights, doomsday nightmares…

it was an action packed second half in terms of production. I learnt a lot, made a lot of mistakes. End of the day, am happy that I did the entire production in 6 weeks.(including post)

See the film


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