3D Character Development

From concept to finished model. That’s the goal.
I have worked on this model intermittently. Its at a stage where I can say I am satisfied with the way this character turned out. I thought of coming back and making some more changes, but I don’t think that is happening soon. So ,here is a set of snapshots and video links that demonstrate the development of this character.

01. Concept Art

02. EdgeLoop Planning

03. NURBS Model
Nurbs Model

04. UV Unwrap

UV unwrap

Maya and ZBrush

05. Sample Color Tests
sample Tests

06. finalised Color

warmer colors

07. Model with basic texturing and lighting with GI_Joe script
Basic texture and Lighting

08. Blendshapes
I created about 60 odd shapes for this guy. A snapshot of the entire setup and a demo of the shapes linked.
Snapshot of finished shapes:

A very quick demo of all shapes:

09. Hand painted texture maps for Hoodie, Jeans pant and Shoe
Diffuse Map:

Bump Map:

Diffuse Map:


Diffuse Map:



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