Blendshapes – A detailed look

Having worked on a few blendshape projects till now, I decided to devote a section just for discussing my workflow and tip/tricks/bugs etc I have faced making blendshapes.

if you have suggestions to do things better, I would love to hear from you.

The first section here is my first try at doing blendshapes on a character I designed and modeled.

The second is the Second character that I worked on, CHUCK. Here I developed a workflow that would help me create quick shapes. I also corrected some of the mistakes I had done in my previous example.

The third section is the discussion of tips and tricks to do the blendshapes. I talk about some interesting techniques I came up with to get convincing blendshapes.

click below links to see more:

First Facial Blendshape Demo


Second Facial Blendshape : Introducing CHUCK


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