Inspiring Rigs

Remember… You are in this class to learn to rig. You might be awesome at modeling. But dont let this class be about modeling. There are only 10 weeks with us. And many are learning to rig from scratch. Rigging a functional character in such a short time is not a joke. So, go easy on the models, textures etc. Make your rig awesome. Be creative. Think of a character that will have some set attributes/properties. We can then see how to devise a methods in the class to rig these characters.

Here are some examples of cool rigs:

DollarBill Rig: (simple model, Crazy rig)

Cube Guy: (the simplest model ever/ good complicated rigging)

Crazy Cartoony Rig: (intermediate modeling/crazy rigging)

Shadeow Rig: (super simple model/Super complex rig)

Pigeon Rig: (intermediate model and complex rigging)

LooneyTunes Rig: (Crazy model/ Crazy animation style/ Crazy rig/ Crazy everything)

so, you can clearly see that the power of animation does not depend on the model, as much as it depends on the rig and the animations that this rig can be put through. So, focus on getting a very good rig. If you can make a complex rig on a stick figure, you can take that same skeleton and rig gollum!!!


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