7th Dec to 21st Dec

These days have just slipped by. I attended my brothers wedding. It was a blast. All the moving around and helping in the wedding meant I had to sleep two days to get back the energy to start dong anything. so I am still contemplating what I did from 17th to 21st. I had some other assignments to finish and I spent 3 days on them. What sis I do the other day???  Aaah…  I had to go with my family to a temple, and that took us the entire day. So, I am sitting looking at my timetable and wondering if I will ever finish this movie as planned.


that calls for modification in the story. In my past experience I tried doing more than I could in the time limit I had and paid the price for it by not finishing my work on time. This time round, I dont want that to be the case. So, I am looking to see how I can change my story without still losing the essence of it. That will mean new storyboards(really rough ones…) and a new timeline. My sound designer is not going to be happy with this news… but hey… thats life…

Signing off…


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