Break, Fun and Timeline

No one works during thanksgiving, right? So was the case with me. I relaxed completely, played, watched movies, toured and basically had a gala time. 2 weeks slipped by before I realised it and now I am back at RIT beginning a fresh Winter quarter.

I have animated the opening scene which is also my title scene. I am currently animating the second scene where the janitor enters the room. I figure its about now that I need to sit down and analyse my progress and form a deadline that I need to follow. A deadline you make can be very different depending on your movie. This is basically for my reference alone.



2 Comments to “Break, Fun and Timeline”

  1. Did you change the story??

  2. No… the same story.
    Just breaking it down to smaller, manageable shots.
    and also potentially reducing animation in some scenes.

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