Resolution of your film


Before you even begin to animate, it is essential to set up your camera for the scene and animate through that. Remember, your animation only needs to look good through that particular camera angle. If it means cheating at other angles, go ahead.

So, your camera is fixed. But there is still one thing we need to resolve before starting the animation. Where is the movie going to be screened? I prefer to call it the ‘Target Device’. Each device has its own resolution and understanding this is very important before you begin the animation.

The latest in technology is HD… I call it Horizontal Distortion  🙂 The link below explains in good detail all resolutions

I have listed here the most important of these aspects:

720x480i (Analog & SDTV)
720x480p (EDTV)
864x480p (16:9 EDTV Plasma)
800x600p (4:3, PC)
1024x768p (4:3, most used PC monitor setting)
1280x720p (16:9 HDTV and PC)
1280x768p (16:9 PC and older plasmas)
1280x1024p (4:3 PC)
1366x768p (16:9 PC and most current Plasma & LCD-TV’s)
1440x900p (16:9 newer PC monitors)
1680x1050p (16:9 newer PC monitors)
1920x1080p (16:9 HDTV, some newer PC monitors)

I am going to stick to a version that works on PC as well as HDTV, 1280×720. Also known as 720p/HD 720

So, how to set this resolution for our camera in our scene?

  • Select your camera.
  • View>>Camera Settings>>Resolution Gate. This will display a bounding box with dimensions of render images.
  • In the render settings window, scroll downto Image Size>>Presets. Here choose the size you want. I chose HD 720. You can also set the resolution of the images here.
  • You should now see the new dimensions on the box.

You can now start animating. Good Luck!


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